a system of choice

20051111, 45

Does big business (WalMart, Home Depot, Publix, Cingular, AT&T, et cetera) define mundane, and has the consumer divested what remains of freedom of choice?

There are so many instances in daily life where I see a large store that offers the services that once were the businesses of three or four or twenty small enterprises.

  • In transportation we have “public” like MARTA in Atlanta; Why not 30 or 40 entreprenuers with 5-10 buses each?
  • In cable/”broadband”/”high-speed” we have comcast; Why not more?
  • In “grocery” stores, every other block there’s Publix, Kroger, and the like; Cookie cutter imitations of a grocery that fail the tests of innovation, uniqueness, family owners actually working at the counters and variety of products available
  • In food, the consumer ends up at a “chain” or a “franchise” often that has been around so long it no longer sells “real” food; The fresh-made beauty of Einstein’s food should be available on any street in America?

My question, increasingly, is would the elimination of corporate persons(corporations with the rights of a human being) help return the entrepreneur to her store, her restaurant, her local place of business?

What would it take to make the owner of a business, actually work in the establishment, greet the customers, supervise the delivery of goods and services, and become invested in the business and the 20 city blocks that immediately surround it?

to be continued…


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