root kits and drm

20051123, 47

Would it be safe to say that I would face fines and prison for using subterfuge to inject software on your computer without your knowledge or consent that (a.) opened your computer to infection (b.) reported your activities and private information to me surreptitiously (c.) significantly damaged one or more persons’ private property (d.) used others’ time or assets without remuneration and consent?

Would it be safe to say that neither Sony BMG nor its officers and executives will face neither prison time and likely few if any nor significant financial impacts for just such behavior? So–corporations, though elevated to the privileges, rights and benefits of citizens of this great country, do not bear the same burdens of ethical, moral & law-abiding behavior?

The inequity of it is stunning. The idea that a company can so act with relative impunity  in these United States leaves an emptiness in my stomach.


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