three day weeks

20051123, 47

I love that Thanksgiving is here. Not because I work a three-day week (i do), but because I work a forty-hour week in three days. What sort of executive would I need to be to consistently work a forty-hour five-day week? Is it realistic to expect to be an American employee employee in America and work a “mere” 37.5 hours per week? What would my priorities look like if I value time with my wife, and multiple streams of income, as I value a paycheck from my company? Lots of questions, and few answers…I know there are ways to get the job done in the eight hour day; It is just that every second or third week turns into a 50-60 because of time- and process- management issues.

Perhaps the bonus makes it all right. Realistically, if I work 50-60 or more, it is time to be the owner, not the employee.


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