Big company=bold mediocrity?

20051230, 52

Is the CEO of a large-cap company the equivalent of the monarchs of centuries past? Would a reasonable person believe the CEO is capable of understanding a representative sample of customer needs? Let’s consider, for example, a company with 40,000 employees, and 50 million customers; What could an executive possibly accomplish in an 80-100-hour week, 42 weeks each year that could be said to represent the best interests of the customer, much less the best interests of the employee? Corporate America is not democratic, and never will be. A reasonable person would likely find the disparities between the lives of the corporate executive and the illegal immigrant rendering chickens quite similar to the disparity that once existed between the monarchs of the old world and the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” which prompted the creation of an immigrant nation called the United States of America. Would Emma Lazarus (1849-1887), who penned the sonnet “Give me your tired, your poor…” be more likely than today’s American citizens to recognize the executives of coporate America as the de facto monarchy of the 21st century? It’s late; I am tired; Perhaps that explains my idle thoughts upon (unconstitutional?) taxation and the great beast that is a multi-national corporation. How did it happen that corporations were endowed with the rights of an human being? I am thinking, “What could happen if the huge company with 50 million customers was split into 5,000 companies with 10,000 customers each? I am wondering “What if the 40,000 employees worked for 5,000 companies?” Me and eight of my close friends doing what we do best–taking care of the customer. You and your 5 employees doing the same–as you see best. The employee wins. The customer wins. The government doesn’t need to bail out a Delta, an AT&T Wireless–get the idea?

What if the great people that live in the Americas wrested control from the corporations, politicians & lobbyists as they once wrested control from the European monarchs who aspired to subject the colonies?

Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of world revolution for human rights?

What if it could be done peacefully, legally & in my lifetime?


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