Turtle Beach Inn, Florida

20060125, 04

I usually do not get to jet about the country but this weekend past my Eva & I visited the finest inn I’ve ever. Given the infrequency of real vacations in my life to-date, I hope you won’t discount this glowing review, and I trust you’ll take some time to visit for yourself. Pay attention to the shrinking access ‘bars’ on your cellie, and from the moment that the cell towers can no longer find you, I heartily recommend turning off all electronic devices, reducing the cruise to 47 mph (or less), and generally doing whatever it takes to disconnect from the vigorous world that pays you so well that you can take off for a weekend, week or more to a fabulous inn like Turtle Beach Inn. Just go; Reconnect to who and what you really are–a beautiful, happy, serene & peaceful person.


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