SUSE 10 w/gnome

20060227, 09

my SUSE 10 installation completed uneventfully and I have churned through 5 hours of google-ing and a dozen linux sites for a way to connect to the Internet using my ******* EVDO card.

I know it can be done; Just not by me, apparently.

ed:20060812; actually got connected through evdo on suse 10 but the connection was dialup slow, and I just don’t have the technical expertise at this time to make it as fast as it is supposed to be. maybe I should buy an apple–verizon has a supported product for evdo connection on apple


made my first guitar

20060218, 07

thumbnail picture of hand-made guitarI’m playing my guitar a little every day. Makes no difference that it is only three strings, because I only have five fingers and only four work very well at all.


3-string, cigar-box, electric-acoustic, hollow-body guitar

at home at last

20060217, 07

Took some time to visit a friend and got home a little later than usual. It’s good to have friends; even better to have close ones.

My heart is happy for the prospect of shower and sleep; It has been a long day.

Magic is a new way of looking at your world!

two of the greats

20060214, 07

Mr. Børge Ousland and Mr. Mike Horn are walking across the top of the world, something never accomplished in the dead night of Winter and only rarely attempted. Such a journey has not been completed in recorded history as no one has been hard enough to try–on their own, willingly and unsupported.

Keep an eye out for information at the Ousland’ blog and track the number of days’ food left.

Keep on top of breaking news by using RSS and SharpReader with either of these links:

I have no affiliation with SharpReader beyond—having tried many RSS readers and having deemed this very good—my unsolicited evangelization. I also appreciate RSS Owl which really is superb and works on MAC & Linux too.

suse 10 installation

20060213, 07

The partions of a computer require careful consideration prior to install. Years of hacking have not prepared me for the ego-deflation–and frustration–of installing SUSE 10 on my HP Athlon AMD-K7 554MHz w/ 256MB of memory and the loudest fans. ever. Partitions and multi-boot systems and articles like “All About Linux“, a “Linux Partition HOWTO” (using fdisk utility), and nearly a half-dozen more sites, and three locked-up installations, and three hours later? I am marginally closer to having completed the careful consideration. I am also back to my trusty Knoppix 4.0.2 livecd which has me up and running with all components recognized in just under 3.5 minutes. That includes the sound card (Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 2), which I have never, ever, gotten to work before, starting with Red Hat 8 (can’t remember what kernel that was).

So, me and Jimi Hendrix (now playing on my HK 195s) postulate that knoppix 4.0.2 is the way to get from 0 t linux in the least amount of time. word.

Lumix DMC-FX9

20060211, 06

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 exhibits superb functionality and elegant design. I recommend it heartily, particularly as I have no complaints. Fully featured and smaller than my palm…a good choice.4406 living

my wife and i should be able to check our email at the same time on our >US$80 per month Internet connection…that OK with you? Profit margins in the wireless indistry are over 20% and yet we cannot get basic service despite ponying up exhorbitant fees. I will find a solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, write your senators and congressmen; Let them know we are aware of how badly Americans have been skinned by telecom and land line companies that promised Congress (12 or more years ago) to have fiber across the last mile, right up to my door, if Congress and the FCC would relax certain restrictions, allowing greater revenues to fund the process. How thoroughlyskinned? Some estimate US$2k  per household in the US; If that were true, how thoroughly over it are you?

Do the research. Write your Congressman and the chairman of the FCC. Do it for me, for you, for your kids.

A more effective strategy? Write Larry Page and Sergey Brin; Beg them to blanket America with Internet, the way it could be done.