connecting to the Internet

20060207, 06

my wife and i should be able to check our email at the same time on our >US$80 per month Internet connection…that OK with you? Profit margins in the wireless indistry are over 20% and yet we cannot get basic service despite ponying up exhorbitant fees. I will find a solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, write your senators and congressmen; Let them know we are aware of how badly Americans have been skinned by telecom and land line companies that promised Congress (12 or more years ago) to have fiber across the last mile, right up to my door, if Congress and the FCC would relax certain restrictions, allowing greater revenues to fund the process. How thoroughlyskinned? Some estimate US$2k  per household in the US; If that were true, how thoroughly over it are you?

Do the research. Write your Congressman and the chairman of the FCC. Do it for me, for you, for your kids.

A more effective strategy? Write Larry Page and Sergey Brin; Beg them to blanket America with Internet, the way it could be done.


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