…and I cannot stand the wait. There's a Larrivee in my immediate future and I find patience is not my virtue. #4, ParlorII, is coming my way thanks to Mr. Larrivee, the lariveeforum, a Texan, being in the cash flow, UPS and perfect timing.

Meanwhile, I think it is time to finish the thank you cards that have been sitting in my Someday-Maybe basket since Christmas.


guitar coming to me

20060526, 21

Been shopping for a real guitar and–fortunately–Larrivee makes handmade instruments that I might be able to stretch to afford. The right and perfect guitar is coming to me…I know. Keeping my searches updated and visiting the local guitar stores.

slow day, slow

20060518, 20

You are the antithesis of death. You are the manifestation of life. You manifest as a process of death and life.

I have found there are thousands of trips to be taken each week during a few hours of browsing Flickr. Very good things–trips; Give a sense of perspective that would otherwise be lost to a working joe. Here are a few links to RSS 2.0 feeds of groups I am enjoying.


so help me hannah…

20060507, 18

the crew at shadowplay built a beautiful little piece of an introduction to a Robert Duvall movie; well worth 5 minutes of your time (and requires quick time)