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20060722, 29

no one has a monopoly on Truth. Truth should not change with the seasons. Truth should not be found only in one person’s perspective. The right way to tie your shoes is not written in Truth. The right way to build a web application is not written in Truth. The right way to play a tune, an instrument, is not written in Truth. The right way to dance a jig is nowhere written in Truth.

to be continued…


of narnia is like being a kid for seven long afternoons all over again. Not a bad use of time. Relaxing. Recommended.

I got all seven in one book from  c o s t c o.

…seemed a little tough getting up on the skis at first, but has been blasting along behind a fast boat since. I enjoyed this book over a period of days while sitting on the bus, to and fro’ work. Good to watch this flicker of business reflected in the rear-view mirror of Paul (& Ann’s) writing. Good to hear about running a business with good company—partners—and making a bunch of cash. Great to hear about people providing services worth paying for.

There are some gems:

  • What to look for in partners and associates (questions to answer for yourself)
  • How to build an assets strategy (getting on your business)
  • Where to go for an economics class 🙂
  • Who to see when you are ready to invest (at least) a million US$
  • How wealthy people get involved with great causes
  • Many more..

Small gripe: Would really have liked to see a “charitable” percentage of profits from the sale of this book dedicated to something interesting, like the work of maintaining an environment in American conducive to the small business entrepreneur?

Buy hard cover copy of Copy This from Chapter 11

If you think a kid should be able to ride a bicycle without getting killed, you can help “…to increase the safety of bicyclists on the road.”

Killacyclist is on a mission to improve the “…education of automobile and truck drivers about the rights of cyclists on public” thoroughfares.

Dave Hunt & Andy Thomas articles include “Learning to Love Unit Testing” with a line that popped out at me; “…the best developers are responsible for the trickiest bugs.”

i must be one of the best developers, because my bugs are vedy vedy trickee!

a nose perspective

20060711, 28

a while back Eva gave me Perfume, written by Patrick Sueskind, and translated from the German into English.

“In eighteenth-century France there lived a man who was one of the most gifted and abominable personages in an era that knew no lack of gifted and abominable personages.”

Head to the beach for the afternoon, and enjoy this book.

…experienced the coming of the white man and I get a flickr of that process by reading In Search of the Source, a book by a Wycliff translator, who has spent his life living and learning their way–bringing “the Talk” to those who never had that perspective before. Oddly enough, they were not far from where we lived in Kundiawa; Perhaps my parents met the author at one point or another–the time frame is the same. Anyway, a co-worker lent the book to me and here are a couple highlights.
p. 124 “The power is in the one addressed…”

p. 126 “I’m going to die doing this,” he always said.

p. 163 “then he said what they always say when things hit them at the deepest level: “We are dying of the deliciousness of this talk.”

Favorite word: beté (source)
Great definition: poet (p. 188) “‘When people listen to him they say it is delicious.’

…A poet know things that are basic and can express them.”

is “Bully of the Town” from the Etta Baker & Taj Mahal album

other songs that rank:

  • “Guitar Blues” on the album Two of a Kind

…in the little flickr Down by Law and the sense of getting to nowhere with friends is uncomfortably close to the bone. This “sad and beautiful world” takes its time expresssing the fruity irony of life and its circumstances.

“…it’s what we do with our wings that separates us” says father Harlan (N. Nolte) in Northfork which is a wending through the cold plains of change by people; people never quite ready for it.