the Folopa people of Papua New Guinea

20060703, 27

…experienced the coming of the white man and I get a flickr of that process by reading In Search of the Source, a book by a Wycliff translator, who has spent his life living and learning their way–bringing “the Talk” to those who never had that perspective before. Oddly enough, they were not far from where we lived in Kundiawa; Perhaps my parents met the author at one point or another–the time frame is the same. Anyway, a co-worker lent the book to me and here are a couple highlights.
p. 124 “The power is in the one addressed…”

p. 126 “I’m going to die doing this,” he always said.

p. 163 “then he said what they always say when things hit them at the deepest level: “We are dying of the deliciousness of this talk.”

Favorite word: beté (source)
Great definition: poet (p. 188) “‘When people listen to him they say it is delicious.’

…A poet know things that are basic and can express them.”


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