Paul Orfalea has a ski boat of life…

20060721, 29

…seemed a little tough getting up on the skis at first, but has been blasting along behind a fast boat since. I enjoyed this book over a period of days while sitting on the bus, to and fro’ work. Good to watch this flicker of business reflected in the rear-view mirror of Paul (& Ann’s) writing. Good to hear about running a business with good company—partners—and making a bunch of cash. Great to hear about people providing services worth paying for.

There are some gems:

  • What to look for in partners and associates (questions to answer for yourself)
  • How to build an assets strategy (getting on your business)
  • Where to go for an economics class 🙂
  • Who to see when you are ready to invest (at least) a million US$
  • How wealthy people get involved with great causes
  • Many more..

Small gripe: Would really have liked to see a “charitable” percentage of profits from the sale of this book dedicated to something interesting, like the work of maintaining an environment in American conducive to the small business entrepreneur?

Buy hard cover copy of Copy This from Chapter 11


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