cygwin wais working so well…

20060810, 32

i thought i would try gnome on cygwin… Now it’s all broken fixed and I have spent hours trying to fix fixing it. Grumpy. Happy like a bee in freshly flowering L. japonica.

Oh, by the way, all the years in business, all the money spent on development, all the money earned (whether by hook or by crook) and Microsoft still hasn’t implemented an effective search for Windows. “Search” from the Start button still can’t find a file only two levels deep (C:\cygwin\bin\bash). Not only can it not find it, but it slows up my computer (1.6MHz Pentium M, with 1.25GB RAM) to the point of unusability. Bah-bah-bah bleats the sheep–preparing for the Vista upgrade cycle.


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