the good news..

20060926, 39

is that I am a developer, the bad news is we do NOT pass The Joel Test. Not that the Joel Test is conclusive or anything, but it does speak for clarity of purpose, organization and specificity of action to move development in the right direction.

The ugly news is that I might be the only person on my team that has read The Pragmatic Programmer (Hunt & Thomas).

Of course, there are many, many books I have not read as well…


as the company firewall began blocking pandora as a violation of company policy today.  For me, this is a particularly wrenching loss. It is not just that someone said “You cannot play your radio!” (though the effect is the same), but also that my sole source of connection with music while working just died. Wrenching.
I suppose it’s time to shuffle over to Costco and buy an iPod, though the use of iPods in the workplace has been restricted in some places as well.

If I had time, I would research what radio stations are not being blocked by the policy. I would be willing to assure you that Windows Media player can still tune in to music from MS and other online broadcasts, demonstrating the real advantage of the monopoly of the corporate desktop .

has little if anything to do with the party platforms, candidates and media spins, but everything to do with something summarized simply by Tony Sarrecchia; “…the Constitution guarantees ‘to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.’ The U.S. is a representative Republic. In mob rule, the majority rules. In a representative Republic, we get a group of politicians together, listen to their ideas, and select the least offensive of the pack to represent what we believe.”

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One of the many great strengths of a user interface is navigation persistence…which I define as the ability to always find the **whateverbutton** in the same place relative to the pixels of the screen. In MS Word, this means the “Standard” toolbar is (by default) at the top of the interface, and has the same items (File, Edit, View,…et cetera). A user friendly paradigm.

Yahoo! epitomizes…breaking the navigation paradigm, or “not maintaining” the relationship of navigation to the screen pixels. This is evident and has been a source of irritation to me in their web mail for ages and ages…a variety of objects move the navigation around upon the page, and obligate the user to constantly be aware of where it is they are clicking, to avoid clicking on–for example–a product advertisement.

I suppose a business has to decide which is more important:

  • Incremental increases of click-through revenue by “innocent” mis-direction of customer clicks
  • Providing a bullet-proof, stable, reliable interface

We’ll probably see it creeping into Flickr soon as well…

so busy wrestling…

20060908, 36

order out of the chaos that is my receipts. Two days pass and the stack is almost gone.

Have to spend some time on flickr tonight and making little comments to the group members that have posted their pictures.

Mostly, am waitin’ on my clothes to finish so can go to bed.

Light and love to all of you…

labor day weekend…

20060901, 35

and i almost got roped back into doing my old job during the holiday weekend. One of the irritants following a lateral move within a group is having to cover two jobs each time the staffing of your old team blows up. Doing two jobs while managers fix their staffing shortages is a real pain in the neck. Would be no problem if either position was static, set-in-stone, predictable, well-defined–but neither is. What do I do? I am only here to serve, so I do what is needed, when it is needed, to the best of my considerable abilities–but I am grateful I did not have to work through the weekend!!