is a fantastic tool!

For some time I have been aware that my Dell D600 (current work computer) is designed to process instructions about 1.7GHz, but is not actually. They say this is speed step technology at its finest, but I believe at some point this thing should crank out some processing power to dig itself out of the backlog of instructions my multi-tasking, ADD computing style generates. In reality, the Dell D600 functions about .5GHZ!

Here is the solution: Go get Notebook Hardware Control immediately. Do send some money to the developers.


what are we after all

20061021, 42

leaves drifting in a stream

birds flying towards spring

migratory herds

all of us moving

here to there

so much joy…

20061016, 42

has been become evident in my life that I should post about it for the next thirty days! So much new music in my life is where I will start!

Last week, I picked up four albums from a dynamic, vibrant expression of the Divine who sings and makes music–Faith Rivera. I have been listening, and listening, and will have comments soon. Before that, Daniel Nahmod’s latest, Water, came in the mail. Was listening to that round the clock until I memorized most of the songs. Weeks of musical bliss.
Experiencing both of these two in person has been for me a soul-stirring, heart-warming, life-lifting experience and not to be missed.