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I may have finally narrowed down the choices to two:

Renewal is just ahead for the flickr pro account, but it will never happen. It is time to build a transition strategy. Yahoo is not the light, lean, young, brilliant & innovative company it once was, and so with regret–now that Flickr is being YAHOO-IED–it is time to move on. In fact, innovation at Yahoo *seems* to implement a follow-the-leader-and-slowly strategy (e.g, check how their email pricing has changed in response to gmail competition, or check how long it took for their interface to begin to show “Web 2.0” performance enhancements).

One option seems to be Picasa, particularly as the API is exposed and innovation seems alive and well at Google.

Picasa Web Albums Data API Overview
Here are some of the things you can do with the Picasa Web Albums data API:

* Include your public photos in your own web page, and allow users to comment on them (and have the comments stored in Picasa Web Albums).
* Write a plugin to manage your albums and photos from a desktop or mobile phone client.
* Create a custom screensaver to display your Picasa Web Albums photos on your computer.

How TiSP Works
And remember, “Please wash your hands before surfing.”