extended log format

20070517, 20

Extended Log File Format


is today’s high point (so far). The creation of a working custom field identifier in development for pushing User-Agent into Extended Log Format on WebLogic Server 8.1, SP5 was a completed milestone and the start of a resume item:

Wrote custom class files to parse UTM cookies from Urchin 5 into Extended Log Format (ELF) log files on WebLogic Server, on Solaris 5.8 and 5.9.

Configuring Web Server Functionality for WebLogic Server
Creating Custom Field Identifiers

docs.google.com is blocked as a “security” risk at Cingular (now the new AT&T)

You have attempted to reach an unauthorized or inappropriate Internet website. If you feel this message was generated in error or if there is a business justification for unblocking a specific URL , please contact the
Cingular Security Group. It is Cingular’s policy to provide official access to the public Internet to all authorized employees and agents of the Company. Employees must exercise good judgment that is consistent with Cingular’s Internet Policy and the Code of Business Conduct. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

While trying to retrieve the Universal Resource Locator(URL): http://docs.google.com/ from client workstation IP address at 15:36:17 UTC on 2007-05-15

Failure Reason: Either ‘deny’ or ‘exception’ was matched in policy
Category: Computing/Internet

If you are dreaming of creating the Earth’s 10th search engine, according to Guy, you missed out (sorry)…but what are you really dreaming of? There’s never been a better time to participate in cataloging the knowledge of the Earth. There has never been a better time to go visit your Mother. There’s no better time to invent something really useful. There has never been a better time to have a strategy.

How to Change the World
creating the tenth search engine (Google)

there is an interesting conversation going on here:

Help keep accessibility and semantics in HTML | 456 Berea Street
All in all, my impression so far is that unless things change, the next version of HTML will do nothing to improve the Web. All it will do is make things easier for browser vendors and ignorant web developers. The rest of us may be better off sticking to HTML 4.01 Strict.

worth reading & acting?

there are several immediately interesting elements of this link

the jackol’s den » htaccess Cheatsheet – Mikhail Esteves

  • content
  • css
  • use of image and color

mootools version 1.1 demo; think there might be a bug in scroller for IE 6, but otherwise quite brilliant

(mt) Media Temple – (mt) weblog » Blog Archive » Mootools version 1.1 Released!
cool eye candy

20070508, 19

I am familiar with doodles to pass the time in meetings; I have never taken the results to my walls. Here is a great example.

One productive meeting.

bundling saves time

20070507, 19

 …who knew?

SitePoint Blogs » Faster Page Loads—Bundle Your CSS and Javascript
This bundling technique works for CSS and also JavaScript.. but obviously you cannot mix the two in a single bundle.

forgotten elements

20070507, 19

i learned a new tag today


SitePoint Blogs » HTML: The Top Five Forgotten Elements
“Including these forgotten elements in your markup is quick and easy to do, and adds an extra dimension of semantic richness to your page.”


20070507, 19

…in new york.

Google Reader (100+)
MTA elevator operator to another: You don’t have to be forgiven. Clint Eastwood taught us that.

–1 train station elevator, 168th St


20070507, 19

…continues to impressssssss!

Profile for nineowls_pandora – Pandora
Now Listening to

reset reloaded

20070504, 18

This is the goods on setting base state (reset) for your css; Just what I was looking for.

Erics Archived Thoughts: Reset Reloaded
“…the final version of my take on the topic of reset styles…”

Thanks to Veerle

the “Categories: nicely:

* Hire Me!
* Happy Happy – Joy Joy
* How To
* My Software
* Online
* Photos
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* Reviews
* Technology
* World, Big
* World, Small

cygwin sshd setup

20070503, 18

relearned something today…for weeks my ssh sessions have been failing to write to my home directory. Something to do with our network admins putting a home on a windows network share.

In the process of re-writing /etc/passwd and /etc/group I stumbled on the obvious: “You can look at the output with the command ‘mkpasswd -l’.”


cygwin sshd setup

hyperion insights…

20070503, 18

…is a newsletter from an industry leader. They have a chicken soup story about how to grow a billion bucks. Go skim it.

Hyperion Insights – Analytics and Business Performance
“In the 1980s, two financial services consultants, Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris, identified a major problem in the credit card industry, as well as a potential solution.”

A Compás! ~ Primal Pulse was delicious.

Scheduled for two hours at The Rialto , the show ran to three hours. Fabulous!

You can check out Mr. Peña – pandora.com or find Paco Pena’s Similar Artists – Last.fm

…to the United States? I imagine you have a story worth hearing, much like Seth’s here. I would be interested in comments from foreign nationals, legally present in the United States relating their experiences with the US Consulate in their countries. Just curious if our guests in these United States feel US Consulate offices could:

  • Express willingness to ‘change systems to increase the satisfaction of people’ they ‘deal with’
  • Become aware of the need to ‘increase revenue opportunities for’ the United States ‘and for the people…
  • Or even, ’employ more people in’ America

Come on Seth, I have read your work for years. You’re brilliant. I love your perspectives. The idea of <insert country> doing what the United States will not is a huge stretch for me. But then you weren’t posting on the “Golden Rule” as expressed by government or any one country were you? You are passionate about marketing, and have visions of possibilities.

The government entities that have served this citizen, and the government entities in which this citizen have served, have never demonstrated “minimize expense” but have demonstrated spend what we’ve got so we can get more.

Nice dream though…government as a profit center. Who was that presidential candidate with the charts that thought government could be run like a business?