have you ever tried to get a visa…

20070503, 18

…to the United States? I imagine you have a story worth hearing, much like Seth’s here. I would be interested in comments from foreign nationals, legally present in the United States relating their experiences with the US Consulate in their countries. Just curious if our guests in these United States feel US Consulate offices could:

  • Express willingness to ‘change systems to increase the satisfaction of people’ they ‘deal with’
  • Become aware of the need to ‘increase revenue opportunities for’ the United States ‘and for the people…
  • Or even, ’employ more people in’ America

Come on Seth, I have read your work for years. You’re brilliant. I love your perspectives. The idea of <insert country> doing what the United States will not is a huge stretch for me. But then you weren’t posting on the “Golden Rule” as expressed by government or any one country were you? You are passionate about marketing, and have visions of possibilities.

The government entities that have served this citizen, and the government entities in which this citizen have served, have never demonstrated “minimize expense” but have demonstrated spend what we’ve got so we can get more.

Nice dream though…government as a profit center. Who was that presidential candidate with the charts that thought government could be run like a business?


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