Recently I suggested a Christian friend name their child Jesus. “What higher honor for a Christian could there be?” was my argument. Almost everyone I know has a name they got from their beloved father/brother/uncle/mother/sister/aunt/gran-whatever. If your father is God, and your beloved brother is Jesus, can’t your son be named for the one you love? Any Christians want to weigh in here?

I submit it would not go well for the new little “Jesus” in many communities in America. I guess it’s more acceptable in the Latin community, though; I met Jesus from South America a few years back. Wonder if pronunciation makes it less challenging to the devoted? Hey-soos was a fine—and funny—fellow.
And if naming the kid Jesus is challenging, wouldn’t Jessie set someone off too? Hey–let’s be on the safe side. Make a law against people with names that start with a J; No wait—that would be a bad idea.

Not that it matters—I would rather make my own name than borrow the fame of someone else. Still—I am glad I’m not Sudanese. They probably would be a lot harsher on their citizens than they are on their foreigners: U.K. & Ireland
The British teacher convicted by a Sudanese court of insulting Islam and sedition after she allowed pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad will be deported after serving a 15-day jail sentence

It may be this was a lenient, loving and compassionate response in their community.  It’s not like I have all the facts right?

I wonder if naming my teddy bear Hey-soos is covered under the first amendment? Think I’ll stick to Elvis; Everybody loves the King.

The religion we perpetuate without love and compassion is no worthwhile belief at all.


crop circles and corn starch…

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Linux Users Group – Oregon State University

learning 2.0

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the things we choose to do-create-be-become often depend on using our tools effectively. Each human experiences an identical number of hours in a day, but some of us complete more stuff, in less time, and with greater ease than others. Some of that speed and ease comes from acquiring 2.0 tool-sets. It may come from acquiring the 2.0 mindset as well.

Don’t get hung up on the term 2.0. Now that corporate giants are slapping a 2.0 on anything that is a little newer than last month, the term is less descriptive than ever. Focus on discovering that mental process or tool set which provides new vision, perspective or opportunity from the present set of raw materials.

Following is one of the first sites I saw that helped people leap into new perspectives without wasting more than a few hours….

Learning 2.0 – The Things

Another (more recent and infinitely more useful IMHO) is described in the Effective Procrastination with Hiveminder presentation which can be opened here…’Effective Procrastination with HiveMinder’ on SlideShare

buzz buzz busy bee…

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Hiveminder Badge


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…random acts of blindness.

Do you smile and wave the peace sign when someone honks their horn or are you the “I salute you with the universal finger” kind of person?

Bring it…

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…don’t sing it. People who take themselves too seriously, can be said to be too important in their own minds. It indicates a weakness and a conceit. Irritation arises because the mind is self-important and does not value others for the game–whatever the game might be.

The self important often must get, must achieve; They are likely to experience varied levels of irritation when they don’t get their way.

People who get up every day and go to play with other people never need to worry themselves—they are simply playing. They bring their best game, and they know that others brought their best game too. They may be fierce competitors, but they are aware of their human condition.

ubuntu 7.10…

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there are tons of reasons to install Ubuntu on the fastest, newest, available computer…especially if it has 2GB of memory and a vmware server!  That’s getting two machines for the price of one. Although engadget is right about old equipment being useful again with Ubuntu, Ubuntu really roars when given the same quality equipment one would give Windows Vista

With VMWare Convertor, and a couple hours work, I have all the benefits of of Gutsy Gibbon, while keeping my regular computer (Windows XP) running in a virtual machine. B-E-A-U-Tee-Full!

You might want a .gho of your hard disk as a restore point too.

…from the people at Motley Fool: Risk, Uncertainty & Reward by Frank H. Knight, Ph. D., then Associate Professor of Economics in the state university of Iowa. Copy right 1921.

notes on the forward by the author (1921):

  • This book was initially published to compete for a Class A (entries from any American without restriction) prize in a book publisher’s essay contest (in 1917) wherein it achieved for its author the second place prize of $500. It seems uncertain whether it achieved the publisher’s stated intention and drew “the attention of American youth to the study of economic and commercial subjects.” It would seem the publisher managed a little monetization from the contest. In the prior iteration, it sufficed as a doctoral thesis at Cornell in 1916, and was written during  1914-16.
  • Chapter 7 was recommended.
  • The effort”endeavors to isolate and define the essential characteristics of free enterprise as a system or method of securing and directing coöperative effort in a social group.”
  • A premise for endeavoring any projects of “social betterment” is action “in light of a clear understanding of the nature and tendencies of the system which it is proposed to modify or displace.” Simply—never loan your motorbike to a beginner.
  • To achieve the effort under the premise, one must “radically” separate “the description and explanation of phenomena from all questions of defense or criticism of the system under examination.” First describe clearly what occurs. Then solicit defense or criticism as appropriate. This would seem to apply to existing systems one wishes to change, rather than the more significant radical change required to remedy social structures that are broken. If one does not first know the system that exists, one is not qualified to re-engineer it? Simply—intimacy should precede re-engineering.
  • An engineer with cohesive knowledge of available systems of organization will make better re-engineering decisions than the technical expert on a single system. Simply—if all ya got is a hammer, everything you see will start to look like a nail.
  • “No one mode of organization is adequate or tolerable for all purposes in all fields.” Simply—get clear about your purpose if you expect to avoid pain, and secure pleasure.

advanced seminar –

too many systems…

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…and too many lists. It occurs to me that all the lists and folders I have been experimenting with since reading Getting Things Done have only a few things in common. Most contain actions, that completed on time, provide me the feelings that I enjoy—productive, creative, vibrant, healthy, flexible, effective—get the picture? Most have a common starting point—I|doing|Atlanta—go!

Looking at my lists, and looking at the growth of this blog, is like observing the growth of my papaya tree. It seems steady, beautiful, lush, but pretty soon the one tree is actually nine trees all trying to get to 3 meters tall while sharing a half-meter-round clay pot in my living room. Looking at my actions lists and blog posts, I have noticed an enormous opportunity for changing my routines to create more of the feelings I enjoy.

I am reconciled to the idea this blog is more of a shotgun than a rifle, and expresses a kaleidescope my work and interests. It has been very useful but now I am in need of a new publication that will be more focused on the nineowls brand and what I am doing with it.

Look for more information about that here in an update to this post by next weekend.

perhaps there is…

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…something great about anything–even PowerPoint?

See you at Octane?

I heard about Pecha Kucha via Communispond’s Echo:

“…how to raise your PowerPoint presentation to the level of an art form, check out Pecha Kucha, which originated in Japan as a discipline to keep architects’ presentations from turning into “death by PowerPoint.” The format is simple:

*    No more than 20 slides
*    No more than 20 seconds per slide

“Therefore, a PowerPoint presentation-no matter how complex-will never last more than six minutes, 40 seconds. People are now using it as almost an art form, creating elaborate presentations that fit in the constraints of the format.

“What’s more, there are now Pecha Kucha meetings and competitions held around the world. Even if you’re not a competitive person, use this discipline to make your presentations leaner and shorter.”

…from Bike Friday!  Too sweet. Right after we get back from “Meet the Parents 2007“.

Travel bicycles by Bike Friday, manufacturer of high performance folding bicycles and folding bike accessories.
The exciting news is that although BF are famous for making folding bikes with enough gears to take you up Everest, you can now also order a minimalist Bike Friday just like Walter’s.

Apart from simplicity and lightness for flat terrain riding, a fixed gear bike has marvellous training benefits: you get strength training going up even the slightest hill and spin training going down the other side.

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this lovely little piece of engineering will be turning current models of staffing on their ears…

Joi Itos Web: Otetsudai Networks

…different is response from responsibility.

Schneier on Security: The War on the Unexpected
If you ask amateurs to act as front-line security personnel, you shouldnt be surprised when you get amateur security.