…with this sort of support? It seems everywhere I look online, the development community is aligning to create a tidal wave of fresh products and services around the iPhone platform. The profit opportunity in teaching Cocoa and iPhone “innovation” is driving changes likely to dwarf the expectations of Wall Street and big telecom for years to come. It may seem a little thing, but when significant intellectual focus is placed on enabling developers to innovate, the platform will exceed expectations for many years to come. This is the sort of support that one cannot purchase, and is the realm of the genius driving Apple. Across the planet, books and seminars and conferences are being developed like this one: The Pragmatic Studio | iPhone Development Training.


…where your mouth is! Support the end of the income tax in Massachusetts.

The media, the unions and the people are engaged in what could be a legendary beginning for real change, real tax cuts, and real economic stimulus.

Why End the Income Tax in Massachusetts?

Straight-forward journalistic evaluation of this subject is hard to come by. Perhaps the $5million+ the unions are spending to oppose Question 1 has had an effect on journalism?

Thankfully, we still have blogs;

Some oppose, but the people have a voice. Search for “Question 1 Massachusets” or

Forbes Endorses Question 1

9 Reasons to Vote Yes on Question 1

Campaign For Liberty

…as scientific humans. BlackLight Power, Inc., “the inventor of a new primary energy source” announced Independent Replication of New Energy Source on 20 October, 2008. I have been using Google Alerts to look for this event for many many years.

There is hope this power source will change the world.

“’This is the result that the world has been waiting for to engage this technology and provides validation that the energy generated using the BlackLight technology is no longer an academic argument.’ says Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO, and President of BlackLight Power Inc. ‘The BlackLight Process generates more than 200 times the energy of burning hydrogen that can be harnessed to replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants. These experimental results prove that the new power source discovered in our labs has the possibility to make a profound impact in our current energy-strapped economy.’”

There is real audacity in the hope the owners of this technology will be able to peacefully use this  power for good.

Still, other possibilities exist. BlackLight Power may:

  • Avoid the end result of sale to the highest bidder
  • Avoid (mis-)appropriation by government(s)
  • Avoid the potential military applications
  • Avoid the creation of yet another series of monopolies modelled on the telecommunications and energy industries of this day and age
  • Extend the free market, in a democratic republic

Should this technology not be mis-appropriated by government or greed it may resolve the issues of runaway costs of, and environmental consequences from, dwindling supplies of oil, coal, nuclear, and other heat sources. Yet the mind that drives greed and consumption must be healed for even freely abundant power to make effective changes in the way we live and the way we develop harmony with our neighbors–wherever we interact with them.

I hope to live in a free and just society, a place where people harmoniously live in peace guided by individual, internal and ethical compass, and where justice is freely and equitably administered under law. In a free and just society, this hope would already be assured. In these United States we may still strive for such a society, and BlackLight Power may well play a huge part in realizing my hope.