What could you do with 10 grand?

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It is a simple question, and a small number: $9,718.49! The real question is not what would “156.3 million” people do with 9.72 thousand USA dollars. The real questions are “Who got US$1.519 trillion and what did they spend it on?” However, giving money in equal parts to every person in the USA would be more equitable than what has happened with government bailouts. The question that could be asked is “Why would a free people accept the load of debt that has been thrown upon them without their consent by the rotters and the looters that have taken up control of the politicians in Washington, in the states, and in local jurisdictions?” The question that could be asked is “How would we find the 156 people in the US that could take ‘$1.519 trillion’ and using all of their considerable intellect and energy, make money–turn ‘$1.519 trillion’ into ten times that through their ingenuity and understanding of wealth and innovation?”

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According to CNN, this is the amount we all would have gotten if the bailouts went to taxpayers and not the banks. What could you have done with $9,718.49?


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