…created by iTunes. First install fslint on your Ubuntu.
sudo apt-get install fslint

then you can go command line or start the gui

choose your directory

“Find” and manually delete…

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Nuptiality of marriages in the US. This little number is skewed by the ratio of estimates six years apart, but is still very encouraging. More than half of the US people who marry stay married! Swell!! Super-swell.

divorces in US – Wolfram|Alpha

annual marriages | 2.279 million marriages per year 2004 estimate

annual divorces | 1.135 million divorces per year 1998 estimate

..and the politicians and economists wiggle. We the People of the United States have for the first time in decades an opportunity to demand an accounting of the Federal Reserve. In notable testimony before Congress, the chairman of the Federal Reserve indicated his firm opposition to providing transparency into the sole function of the Federal Reserve–monetary policy. It is this monetary policy that continues to drive America down the road of financial ruin. Please consider supporting the auditing of the Federal Reserve by writing the federal legislators that you elected to represent your interests in the House of Representatives. Request they co-sponsor and support HR 1207. To find out if they have done so: (click here to find out).  
Audit the Fed!

…others have. Hindsight is perfect, yet history is our forensic evidence and provides the gift of wisdom to make decisions in an uncertain and often deliberately con==fusing world.

Dead economist predicts housing crisis 62 years in advance — VOICES for REASON
reading an excellent account of the government-created incentives that helped cause the catastrophic housing boom and bust

welcome to nginx…

20090506, 19

nginx is a solid web server with fewer resource requirements that allows me to get working “through a Ruby on Rails stack with full Capistrano integration and deployment via a subversion repository.” I have enough deployment challenges to stimulate my thought processes from WebLogic (8.x, 9.3), so am looking forward to exchanging my time for  more than new deployment methodology.