Google Chrome OS

20090709, 28

There is some discussion about the operating system from Google; While a windowing system on a Linux kernel may not seem like much to the tech folks, end-users won’t likely know what a windowing system is. Furthermore, the windowing system will  distance them so much from the kernel they will never gain familiarity with it either. They will just get a computer that works, doesn’t break, doesn’t need updates and repairs, and is probably pretty much enormously more cost-efficient for all the things they find themselves doing with a computer.

No matter the operating system, people and communities need flat-rate unrestricted access and bandwidth to innovate and drive economic success going forward.

By the way, I read somewhere Microsoft did not use its anti-competitive strategies against Apple because eliminating even the illusion of competition would have isolated them as the monopoly that they were (are?). Choice is good; Even if we are unlikely to see large companies dump Windows at any time in the near future, a third OS from a market leader provides that most illusive thing–hope!

Google Drops a Bomb: Its Own Operating System | Technomix | Fast Company
Mere hours ago, Google did something that’s pretty surprising, and that will impact the netbook, and maybe PC market: It announced its own operating system, Chrome. It’s open source.


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