i’m small.

20090819, 34

In the beginning there was genius, but then it got transmuted into all sorts of living beings and they created stuff. Some of it good; Some of it other than good. And some of it lovely, yet small and adventurous

I am small. I have adventures....

I am small. I have adventures....

why’s poignant guide to ruby :: 1. About this Book


…of thought. Mentally observing the complexity of this morning’s is more enjoyable than television, nearly more fantastic than the news. Where else is one working in the Midwest, giving advice in Chicago, breaking up a rally in Des Moines over the right to keep and bear earphones, and singing “Margarittaville” in a trio with Jimmy and Allen, before waking to the deep serenity of the music of the morning? There are the recurring, sequential and vivid dreams. There are inexplicable flights, the web of emotions and bizarre jumbles of mind-thought-pictures that weave alternate universes in mind, from which we awaken–sometimes with sadness, often with joy. Dream on children, and in your dreams be free.