i’m small.

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In the beginning there was genius, but then it got transmuted into all sorts of living beings and they created stuff. Some of it good; Some of it other than good. And some of it lovely, yet small and adventurous

I am small. I have adventures....

I am small. I have adventures....

why’s poignant guide to ruby :: 1. About this Book


…the scientific consideration of the line of moons along Jupiter that can be seen well in this image. It is interesting Mr. Galilei described the device he invented to observe the truth of planetary motion as a secret weapon for the protection of the state (pun intended).

APOD: 2009 July 14 – Moons and Jupiter
the exposure captures Jupiter’s own Galilean moons lower right as tiny pinpricks of light, lined up and hugging both sides of the solar system’s ruling gas giant

and produces fascinating footage; Easy access via YouTube. I love the Earth rising over the grey, acne-dimpled moon-horizon.

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APOD: 2009 June 29 – Kaguya Spacecraft Crashes into the Moon

crop circles and corn starch…

courtesy of:

Linux Users Group – Oregon State University

perhaps there is…

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…something great about anything–even PowerPoint?

See you at Octane?

I heard about Pecha Kucha via Communispond’s Echo:

“…how to raise your PowerPoint presentation to the level of an art form, check out Pecha Kucha, which originated in Japan as a discipline to keep architects’ presentations from turning into “death by PowerPoint.” The format is simple:

*    No more than 20 slides
*    No more than 20 seconds per slide

“Therefore, a PowerPoint presentation-no matter how complex-will never last more than six minutes, 40 seconds. People are now using it as almost an art form, creating elaborate presentations that fit in the constraints of the format.

“What’s more, there are now Pecha Kucha meetings and competitions held around the world. Even if you’re not a competitive person, use this discipline to make your presentations leaner and shorter.”

nina & monk

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go get the dvd For Your Consideration and check out the bonus features. Nina Conti and Monk are killin’ ’em. Absolutely  b r i l l i a n t  ! !

You can book her here (apparently).

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I am familiar with doodles to pass the time in meetings; I have never taken the results to my walls. Here is a great example.

One productive meeting.