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perhaps there is…

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…something great about anything–even PowerPoint?

See you at Octane?

I heard about Pecha Kucha via Communispond’s Echo:

“…how to raise your PowerPoint presentation to the level of an art form, check out Pecha Kucha, which originated in Japan as a discipline to keep architects’ presentations from turning into “death by PowerPoint.” The format is simple:

*    No more than 20 slides
*    No more than 20 seconds per slide

“Therefore, a PowerPoint presentation-no matter how complex-will never last more than six minutes, 40 seconds. People are now using it as almost an art form, creating elaborate presentations that fit in the constraints of the format.

“What’s more, there are now Pecha Kucha meetings and competitions held around the world. Even if you’re not a competitive person, use this discipline to make your presentations leaner and shorter.”

…has the best coffee I have had in ages and I was delighted to have visited today for the first time. We also picked up Bodum swag that is delightful, effective, convenient and so very cost-effective as we paid 60% of sticker. Don’t miss out. This deal is too good to miss. Go get yours.
Been looking for Bodum double-walled glasses? Now is definitely your chance.

Besides the superb coffee & the great deals, I love real businesses–those that actually have owners behind the counter and working! This company and its people are first-class; Please support them when you are in the area.