..and the politicians and economists wiggle. We the People of the United States have for the first time in decades an opportunity to demand an accounting of the Federal Reserve. In notable testimony before Congress, the chairman of the Federal Reserve indicated his firm opposition to providing transparency into the sole function of the Federal Reserve–monetary policy. It is this monetary policy that continues to drive America down the road of financial ruin. Please consider supporting the auditing of the Federal Reserve by writing the federal legislators that you elected to represent your interests in the House of Representatives. Request they co-sponsor and support HR 1207. To find out if they have done so: (click here to find out).  
Audit the Fed!


…others have. Hindsight is perfect, yet history is our forensic evidence and provides the gift of wisdom to make decisions in an uncertain and often deliberately con==fusing world.

Dead economist predicts housing crisis 62 years in advance — VOICES for REASON
reading an excellent account of the government-created incentives that helped cause the catastrophic housing boom and bust

one of the great…

20090205, 06

…mysteries of life in these United States is the domination of an industry by one or two giants that are providing each other “competition” without innovation for their customers. My general guideline is if the company is getting all of its customers to sign non-negotiable contracts one can be sure competition has more or less evaporated in that industry. We see this in rental properties, cell-phone contracts, power company services, national water companies, credit card offers–even your doctor is locked by global contracts that are non-negotiable. A post by Derek Powazek (details below) sums this up beautifully. I think of it as the short version of Atlas Shrugged. It is the third key to business relationships.

Derek Powazek – Don’t Work for Assholes
It can be very intimidating to turn down work, especially in these uncertain economic times. But the months I spent suffering that fool 12 years ago would have been better spent building my portfolio and hustling to find better clients. All the time you spend working for an asshole is time you’re not spending to find a gig that will, in the long run, pay you better, teach you more, and make you happier.

Nowadays, the only asshole I work for is me.

…with this sort of support? It seems everywhere I look online, the development community is aligning to create a tidal wave of fresh products and services around the iPhone platform. The profit opportunity in teaching Cocoa and iPhone “innovation” is driving changes likely to dwarf the expectations of Wall Street and big telecom for years to come. It may seem a little thing, but when significant intellectual focus is placed on enabling developers to innovate, the platform will exceed expectations for many years to come. This is the sort of support that one cannot purchase, and is the realm of the genius driving Apple. Across the planet, books and seminars and conferences are being developed like this one: The Pragmatic Studio | iPhone Development Training.

…as scientific humans. BlackLight Power, Inc., “the inventor of a new primary energy source” announced Independent Replication of New Energy Source on 20 October, 2008. I have been using Google Alerts to look for this event for many many years.

There is hope this power source will change the world.

“’This is the result that the world has been waiting for to engage this technology and provides validation that the energy generated using the BlackLight technology is no longer an academic argument.’ says Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO, and President of BlackLight Power Inc. ‘The BlackLight Process generates more than 200 times the energy of burning hydrogen that can be harnessed to replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants. These experimental results prove that the new power source discovered in our labs has the possibility to make a profound impact in our current energy-strapped economy.’”

There is real audacity in the hope the owners of this technology will be able to peacefully use this  power for good.

Still, other possibilities exist. BlackLight Power may:

  • Avoid the end result of sale to the highest bidder
  • Avoid (mis-)appropriation by government(s)
  • Avoid the potential military applications
  • Avoid the creation of yet another series of monopolies modelled on the telecommunications and energy industries of this day and age
  • Extend the free market, in a democratic republic

Should this technology not be mis-appropriated by government or greed it may resolve the issues of runaway costs of, and environmental consequences from, dwindling supplies of oil, coal, nuclear, and other heat sources. Yet the mind that drives greed and consumption must be healed for even freely abundant power to make effective changes in the way we live and the way we develop harmony with our neighbors–wherever we interact with them.

I hope to live in a free and just society, a place where people harmoniously live in peace guided by individual, internal and ethical compass, and where justice is freely and equitably administered under law. In a free and just society, this hope would already be assured. In these United States we may still strive for such a society, and BlackLight Power may well play a huge part in realizing my hope.

Thursday, 25 September, 2008

Atlanta, GA

Variety Playhouse Online
Mail Order: Tickets are now available through the mail with no convenience charge. Just send a money order personal checks are not accepted payable to Windstorm Productions, Inc. along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address: Windstorm Productions, Inc., PO Box 5253, Atlanta, GA 31107. Make sure and specify which shows you want. If you have any questions, please call 404 524-7354.

see for yourself

FF622731-F6AF-F046-B2341DE4A0CF0115_1.jpg JPEG Image, 582×386 pixels

…and were working at that same age I was absorbing algebra (and mowing lawns). It is a different world, 1913, Houston, and Marion Davis, Messenger #21 rode for the Bellevue Messenger Service. They must have been a rare breed, those young, young men.

From:  Fixed Gear Gallery :: 1913 messenger
“The boss don’t care and the cops don’t stop me.”

Originally from Shorpy: “Photograph and caption by the indefatigable Lewis Wickes Hine.”

learning 2.0

20071126, 48

the things we choose to do-create-be-become often depend on using our tools effectively. Each human experiences an identical number of hours in a day, but some of us complete more stuff, in less time, and with greater ease than others. Some of that speed and ease comes from acquiring 2.0 tool-sets. It may come from acquiring the 2.0 mindset as well.

Don’t get hung up on the term 2.0. Now that corporate giants are slapping a 2.0 on anything that is a little newer than last month, the term is less descriptive than ever. Focus on discovering that mental process or tool set which provides new vision, perspective or opportunity from the present set of raw materials.

Following is one of the first sites I saw that helped people leap into new perspectives without wasting more than a few hours….

Learning 2.0 – The Things

Another (more recent and infinitely more useful IMHO) is described in the Effective Procrastination with Hiveminder presentation which can be opened here…’Effective Procrastination with HiveMinder’ on SlideShare

buzz buzz busy bee…

20071126, 48

Hiveminder Badge

Bring it…

20071124, 47

…don’t sing it. People who take themselves too seriously, can be said to be too important in their own minds. It indicates a weakness and a conceit. Irritation arises because the mind is self-important and does not value others for the game–whatever the game might be.

The self important often must get, must achieve; They are likely to experience varied levels of irritation when they don’t get their way.

People who get up every day and go to play with other people never need to worry themselves—they are simply playing. They bring their best game, and they know that others brought their best game too. They may be fierce competitors, but they are aware of their human condition.

…from the people at Motley Fool: Risk, Uncertainty & Reward by Frank H. Knight, Ph. D., then Associate Professor of Economics in the state university of Iowa. Copy right 1921.

notes on the forward by the author (1921):

  • This book was initially published to compete for a Class A (entries from any American without restriction) prize in a book publisher’s essay contest (in 1917) wherein it achieved for its author the second place prize of $500. It seems uncertain whether it achieved the publisher’s stated intention and drew “the attention of American youth to the study of economic and commercial subjects.” It would seem the publisher managed a little monetization from the contest. In the prior iteration, it sufficed as a doctoral thesis at Cornell in 1916, and was written during  1914-16.
  • Chapter 7 was recommended.
  • The effort”endeavors to isolate and define the essential characteristics of free enterprise as a system or method of securing and directing coöperative effort in a social group.”
  • A premise for endeavoring any projects of “social betterment” is action “in light of a clear understanding of the nature and tendencies of the system which it is proposed to modify or displace.” Simply—never loan your motorbike to a beginner.
  • To achieve the effort under the premise, one must “radically” separate “the description and explanation of phenomena from all questions of defense or criticism of the system under examination.” First describe clearly what occurs. Then solicit defense or criticism as appropriate. This would seem to apply to existing systems one wishes to change, rather than the more significant radical change required to remedy social structures that are broken. If one does not first know the system that exists, one is not qualified to re-engineer it? Simply—intimacy should precede re-engineering.
  • An engineer with cohesive knowledge of available systems of organization will make better re-engineering decisions than the technical expert on a single system. Simply—if all ya got is a hammer, everything you see will start to look like a nail.
  • “No one mode of organization is adequate or tolerable for all purposes in all fields.” Simply—get clear about your purpose if you expect to avoid pain, and secure pleasure.

too many systems…

20071107, 45

…and too many lists. It occurs to me that all the lists and folders I have been experimenting with since reading Getting Things Done have only a few things in common. Most contain actions, that completed on time, provide me the feelings that I enjoy—productive, creative, vibrant, healthy, flexible, effective—get the picture? Most have a common starting point—I|doing|Atlanta—go!

Looking at my lists, and looking at the growth of this blog, is like observing the growth of my papaya tree. It seems steady, beautiful, lush, but pretty soon the one tree is actually nine trees all trying to get to 3 meters tall while sharing a half-meter-round clay pot in my living room. Looking at my actions lists and blog posts, I have noticed an enormous opportunity for changing my routines to create more of the feelings I enjoy.

I am reconciled to the idea this blog is more of a shotgun than a rifle, and expresses a kaleidescope my work and interests. It has been very useful but now I am in need of a new publication that will be more focused on the nineowls brand and what I am doing with it.

Look for more information about that here in an update to this post by next weekend.

perhaps there is…

20071107, 45

…something great about anything–even PowerPoint?

See you at Octane?

I heard about Pecha Kucha via Communispond’s Echo:

“…how to raise your PowerPoint presentation to the level of an art form, check out Pecha Kucha, which originated in Japan as a discipline to keep architects’ presentations from turning into “death by PowerPoint.” The format is simple:

*    No more than 20 slides
*    No more than 20 seconds per slide

“Therefore, a PowerPoint presentation-no matter how complex-will never last more than six minutes, 40 seconds. People are now using it as almost an art form, creating elaborate presentations that fit in the constraints of the format.

“What’s more, there are now Pecha Kucha meetings and competitions held around the world. Even if you’re not a competitive person, use this discipline to make your presentations leaner and shorter.”

…from Bike Friday!  Too sweet. Right after we get back from “Meet the Parents 2007“.

Travel bicycles by Bike Friday, manufacturer of high performance folding bicycles and folding bike accessories.
The exciting news is that although BF are famous for making folding bikes with enough gears to take you up Everest, you can now also order a minimalist Bike Friday just like Walter’s.

Apart from simplicity and lightness for flat terrain riding, a fixed gear bike has marvellous training benefits: you get strength training going up even the slightest hill and spin training going down the other side.


20071104, 44

this lovely little piece of engineering will be turning current models of staffing on their ears…

Joi Itos Web: Otetsudai Networks

wish I had found this four hours ago, but thanks cloud:

Binary Revolution Forums [Powered by Invision Power Board]
The g package is in the repositories. You do not need to get the binary from another resource. If youre having problems with the CD simply remove it as a resource in your sources.list file. Run
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
and delete the line referring to the Ubuntu CD I cant remember off the top of my head what it says, but it should be obvious which one it is
then run
sudo apt-get update
before installing the packages you want.

PC Wizard

20071016, 42

Have not used it yet, but this looks promising. Will try tonight…

Found via anandtech forums

PC Wizard
Since 1996 PC WIZARD is among the most advanced system information programs on the market.

PC WIZARD 2008 is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It’s able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated (usually once per month) in order to provide most accurate results.

PC WIZARD 2008 is also an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, Cache performance, RAM performance, Hard Disk performance, CD/DVD-ROM performance, Removable/FLASH Media performance, Video performance, MP3 compression performance.

PC WIZARD 2008 can be distributed freely (ftp, archives, CD-ROMs …).

Workrave has a really elegant solution for those of you interested in extending your pain and injury-free working career. If you visit their site with ie they have a lovely response as well….use a browser

“Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts you to your daily limit. Please refer to the feature comparison for a complete list of features, and how the program performs with respect to other programs on the market. The program runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.”  from | on 20071009

talk to me…i have four 10% off coupons that can be redeemed at any AT&T company-owned locations.

If you’ve been waiting to buy an iPhone, we have exciting news. Starting today, active AT&T employees in the United States can receive a 10 percent discount off the retail price by redeeming a discount certificate at the nearest participating AT&T retail store.


…is less difficult when done as part of a very large community. I am not locked into the old networks that provided costly, limited access to those who paid a relatively large monthly fee. Information is free and abundant. Access points are simple and easy to build. There is more knowledge in the network than I can learn in this lifetime. My task is to contribute, to live, to be happy and to love. Free software is helping me get there!

MarkShuttleworth – Ubuntu Wiki
To fix bug [WWW] #1 of course. I believe that free software brings us into a new era of technology, and holds the promise of universal access to the tools of the digital era. I drive Ubuntu because I would like to see that promise delivered as reality.

It seems that HD real-time editing in my living room is finally affordable (<US$10G)  and only from CalDigit [HDPro] and [S2VR] .

CalDigit [HDPro] and [S2VR] The First Affordable True High-Definition RAID Solution – Home
Each switch can connect upto 7x HDPros, one host and one switch. Using hierarchical CalDigit PCI Express switch, you can have in theory unlimited storage pool across disk available to your media and database.

Subject Matter Expert

20070917, 38

…is not the audience that can watch & parrot, or copy and rip. You are probably an expert on something…work with a few consultants if you need proof.

Subject Matter Expert – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technical writers typically use the term SME to describe any individual with expertise in the subject matter to be documented. Technical communicators interview SMEs to extract information and convert it into a form suitable for the audience.

The American consumer is getting snowed in by ongoing and largely successful efforts of old telecom to perpetuate their proprietary, antiquated and restrictive business models in new media. This issue is pivotal to the future of free thought and expression in the United States of America.

Senate Chair Takes on FTC in Net Neutrality Fight – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Mark Cooper, director of research for the Consumer Federation of America. ISPs are not talking about ensuring quicker consumer access to movies online, they’re talking about giving themselves a leg up on the competition via controlled access, Cooper said.

“The FTC and the [Department of Justice] have cheered the decision FCC to allow a cozy duopoly to come into existence, claiming that two [providers are] enough,” Cooper said. Meanwhile, the U.S. “dribbles out bandwidth at 10 to 20 times what people pay around the world” while the nation’s broadband penetration rate continues to fall behind that of other countries, he said.

“The nations that have passed us have relied on the very policy that we used 30 years ago – to provide innovation and consumer friendly services,” Cooper concluded.

…was canceled. I was just getting interested. Palm ® Foleo™ mobile companion was intriguing. It seems likely that focus facilitates excellence, and Palm cannot focus on two software platforms at once (three if one counts Microsoft Mobile competition). They move on to developing “the best next generation software platform.” 

Foleo – Google Search

making tracks…

20070820, 34

I got help from wishlisting

It’s odd how long it took me to get time and tools to actually try the install steps…will have an update how it comes out. I’m hung on the ImageMagick png=yes line right now…

Might have to try mediatemple article if it doesn’t work (Thanks Darcy Brown).

Wishlisting Blog » Blog Archive » Deploying Ruby on Rails, Mongrel, and Pen on a MediaTemple dv 3.0 Server
Deploying Ruby on Rails, Mongrel, and Pen on a MediaTemple dv 3.0 Server
March 19th, 2007

so the hot item of the day is a new account for my pics

nothing uploaded yet–just signed up

Panoramio – Photos by nineowls

extended log format

20070517, 20

Extended Log File Format

is today’s high point (so far). The creation of a working custom field identifier in development for pushing User-Agent into Extended Log Format on WebLogic Server 8.1, SP5 was a completed milestone and the start of a resume item:

Wrote custom class files to parse UTM cookies from Urchin 5 into Extended Log Format (ELF) log files on WebLogic Server, on Solaris 5.8 and 5.9.

Configuring Web Server Functionality for WebLogic Server
Creating Custom Field Identifiers

If you are dreaming of creating the Earth’s 10th search engine, according to Guy, you missed out (sorry)…but what are you really dreaming of? There’s never been a better time to participate in cataloging the knowledge of the Earth. There has never been a better time to go visit your Mother. There’s no better time to invent something really useful. There has never been a better time to have a strategy.

How to Change the World
creating the tenth search engine (Google)

there is an interesting conversation going on here:

Help keep accessibility and semantics in HTML | 456 Berea Street
All in all, my impression so far is that unless things change, the next version of HTML will do nothing to improve the Web. All it will do is make things easier for browser vendors and ignorant web developers. The rest of us may be better off sticking to HTML 4.01 Strict.

worth reading & acting?

there are several immediately interesting elements of this link

the jackol’s den » htaccess Cheatsheet – Mikhail Esteves

  • content
  • css
  • use of image and color

mootools version 1.1 demo; think there might be a bug in scroller for IE 6, but otherwise quite brilliant

(mt) Media Temple – (mt) weblog » Blog Archive » Mootools version 1.1 Released!
cool eye candy