…of thought. Mentally observing the complexity of this morning’s is more enjoyable than television, nearly more fantastic than the news. Where else is one working in the Midwest, giving advice in Chicago, breaking up a rally in Des Moines over the right to keep and bear earphones, and singing “Margarittaville” in a trio with Jimmy and Allen, before waking to the deep serenity of the music of the morning? There are the recurring, sequential and vivid dreams. There are inexplicable flights, the web of emotions and bizarre jumbles of mind-thought-pictures that weave alternate universes in mind, from which we awaken–sometimes with sadness, often with joy. Dream on children, and in your dreams be free.


and produces fascinating footage; Easy access via YouTube. I love the Earth rising over the grey, acne-dimpled moon-horizon.

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APOD: 2009 June 29 – Kaguya Spacecraft Crashes into the Moon


20090518, 21

Nuptiality of marriages in the US. This little number is skewed by the ratio of estimates six years apart, but is still very encouraging. More than half of the US people who marry stay married! Swell!! Super-swell.

divorces in US – Wolfram|Alpha

annual marriages | 2.279 million marriages per year 2004 estimate

annual divorces | 1.135 million divorces per year 1998 estimate

…for change is ongoing. Though the slide into oppressive regulation and the crippling of freedom may seem rapid and permanent, we still have reason to support organizations that take the initiative to educate, serve and represent.

Creative Freedom Foundation: Home

“Ah, yes. Etymology is ever the arbiter of truth”
Although that is a fragment and a sentance. Right? And irony. We don’t get that much around here.
– natalie angier, p. xii in the book Woman…

…is a fine place to charge. Apparently  Boriska knows, and uses it himself. This fascinating piece of information and more is available from one of the indigo children. Read all about it at: arsgeek.

I Dose

20080724, 30

For some time I have been considering the concepts of entrainment and experimenting with direct stimulation of brainwave activity. The impact of such focus is immediate and noticeable, particularly with led stimulation. A good resource is here…via m3u play lists. Use stereophonic headphones or it won’t work.

I Dose
Binaural Beats, affects our brainwaves directly, and can simulate various states, such as altering moods, behavior and consciousness.


20080715, 29

can be simulated by Stripes

Bring it…

20071124, 47

…don’t sing it. People who take themselves too seriously, can be said to be too important in their own minds. It indicates a weakness and a conceit. Irritation arises because the mind is self-important and does not value others for the game–whatever the game might be.

The self important often must get, must achieve; They are likely to experience varied levels of irritation when they don’t get their way.

People who get up every day and go to play with other people never need to worry themselves—they are simply playing. They bring their best game, and they know that others brought their best game too. They may be fierce competitors, but they are aware of their human condition.

…different is response from responsibility.

Schneier on Security: The War on the Unexpected
If you ask amateurs to act as front-line security personnel, you shouldnt be surprised when you get amateur security.

give one…get one

20070924, 39

 Here is a nice opportunity to feel like you made a difference: http://xogiving.org/

BBC NEWS | Technology | ‘$100 laptop’ to sell to public
The organisation behind the project has launched the “give one, get one” scheme that will allow US residents to purchase two laptops for $399 (£198).

One laptop will be sent to the buyer whilst a child in the developing world will receive the second machine

The G1G1 scheme, as it is known, will offer the laptops for just two weeks, starting on the 12 November.

what i wish you knew

20070119, 03

…about customer service could be summarized in three sentances.

I’m sorry, we are currently out-of-stock on those items. How many do you need? If you order three or more we can order them now and have them drop-shipped to your home.

I drove 32 miles across town to a family-owned paper and art goods store today. I needed a box of A-6 and matching envelopes, and did not want to buy from the big-box retailer by my house.

There were two employees chatting with each other “on the floor” in the paper department. Not finding what I needed, I asked if perhaps it was available from a storage room. One of the two offers to check but disappeared, the other says “We must be out of that.”

I searched the entire department for myself; I noticed both had resumed their chat. I noticed neither was interested in the customer(me) any longer and neither had any interest in where I came from, neither really considered why I was there and whether I was going to make a purchase.

Ok–so I admit my feelings were hurt. I like being the center attention. I also like spending money where people seem to enjoy their business.

But what I really love is to buy something of quality from someone with a smile, professionalism and courtesy.

It is not that difficult.

I stopped at a franchise-model paper shop on the way home. It cost 11% more, but at least they had the stationery in stock. The employee never looked me in the eyes. Never said anything except “Sign this.” –not even “Hello!” when we walked in. They missed out too–I only bought one box to get through the next few letters while I look for someone with entrepreneurial spirit and a little personality. Maybe next time I’ll just go to the big-box retailer next door.

If you think a kid should be able to ride a bicycle without getting killed, you can help “…to increase the safety of bicyclists on the road.”

Killacyclist is on a mission to improve the “…education of automobile and truck drivers about the rights of cyclists on public” thoroughfares.