…the scientific consideration of the line of moons along Jupiter that can be seen well in this image. It is interesting Mr. Galilei described the device he invented to observe the truth of planetary motion as a secret weapon for the protection of the state (pun intended).

APOD: 2009 July 14 – Moons and Jupiter
the exposure captures Jupiter’s own Galilean moons lower right as tiny pinpricks of light, lined up and hugging both sides of the solar system’s ruling gas giant


20070508, 19

I am familiar with doodles to pass the time in meetings; I have never taken the results to my walls. Here is a great example.

One productive meeting.

I am not sure why I did not think of it before seeing the picture here but I think I need a zippo to carry my usb key with me.

There is a lovely MAKE project in there somewhere.

Project Management on a Stick | Urban Workbench