Thursday, 25 September, 2008

Atlanta, GA

Variety Playhouse Online
Mail Order: Tickets are now available through the mail with no convenience charge. Just send a money order personal checks are not accepted payable to Windstorm Productions, Inc. along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address: Windstorm Productions, Inc., PO Box 5253, Atlanta, GA 31107. Make sure and specify which shows you want. If you have any questions, please call 404 524-7354.


speak truth…

20071206, 49

…to power

can you believe I heard “Speak truth to power” for the first time on Ruforia’s Chronic Fatigue?

Want to try a pre-mixed holiday station? Here are a few stations created by Pandora’s Team. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

  •         Classical Christmas    Listen Now
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  •         Swingin’ Christmas    Listen Now
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  •         Country Christmas     Listen Now

Bring it…

20071124, 47

…don’t sing it. People who take themselves too seriously, can be said to be too important in their own minds. It indicates a weakness and a conceit. Irritation arises because the mind is self-important and does not value others for the game–whatever the game might be.

The self important often must get, must achieve; They are likely to experience varied levels of irritation when they don’t get their way.

People who get up every day and go to play with other people never need to worry themselves—they are simply playing. They bring their best game, and they know that others brought their best game too. They may be fierce competitors, but they are aware of their human condition.

…summons the creative  core to that new awareness now occurring in this present moment.

Helped along the way by music like Colors of Praise (Faith Rivera) And Standing As One (Faith Rivera, Conneta Johnson) we find new friendships as a gift of the process.

now listening

20071009, 41

“Maxwells Demon”
with remix by Alexi Delano
Download avail on Beatport

album cover

both releases available on limited edition vinyl with picture sleeve at halcyon and other proper shops worldwide for mail order call 718-260-9299 or email


A Compás! ~ Primal Pulse was delicious.

Scheduled for two hours at The Rialto , the show ran to three hours. Fabulous!

You can check out Mr. Peña – or find Paco Pena’s Similar Artists –

nineowls –

20070430, 18


so much joy…

20061016, 42

has been become evident in my life that I should post about it for the next thirty days! So much new music in my life is where I will start!

Last week, I picked up four albums from a dynamic, vibrant expression of the Divine who sings and makes music–Faith Rivera. I have been listening, and listening, and will have comments soon. Before that, Daniel Nahmod’s latest, Water, came in the mail. Was listening to that round the clock until I memorized most of the songs. Weeks of musical bliss.
Experiencing both of these two in person has been for me a soul-stirring, heart-warming, life-lifting experience and not to be missed.

“…to a wicker chair”* on a front porch somewhere, someday. Or perhaps a rocking chair. How are you participating in that which is at hand?

* Michael Johnson on “Departure” available from Amazon and other fine retailers


20060805, 31

…transcends time and place.

“The Concierto de Aranjuez is a composition for classical guitar and orchestra of the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo,” according to wikipedia but listening on Pandora is good for my transcendance.

is “Bully of the Town” from the Etta Baker & Taj Mahal album

other songs that rank:

  • “Guitar Blues” on the album Two of a Kind

there is a new member of the family: one Larrivee Forum II, #4 of 10. Played it so long last night my fingertips are numb on the left

…and I cannot stand the wait. There's a Larrivee in my immediate future and I find patience is not my virtue. #4, ParlorII, is coming my way thanks to Mr. Larrivee, the lariveeforum, a Texan, being in the cash flow, UPS and perfect timing.

Meanwhile, I think it is time to finish the thank you cards that have been sitting in my Someday-Maybe basket since Christmas.