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…mysteries of life in these United States is the domination of an industry by one or two giants that are providing each other “competition” without innovation for their customers. My general guideline is if the company is getting all of its customers to sign non-negotiable contracts one can be sure competition has more or less evaporated in that industry. We see this in rental properties, cell-phone contracts, power company services, national water companies, credit card offers–even your doctor is locked by global contracts that are non-negotiable. A post by Derek Powazek (details below) sums this up beautifully. I think of it as the short version of Atlas Shrugged. It is the third key to business relationships.

Derek Powazek – Don’t Work for Assholes
It can be very intimidating to turn down work, especially in these uncertain economic times. But the months I spent suffering that fool 12 years ago would have been better spent building my portfolio and hustling to find better clients. All the time you spend working for an asshole is time you’re not spending to find a gig that will, in the long run, pay you better, teach you more, and make you happier.

Nowadays, the only asshole I work for is me.


…for change is ongoing. Though the slide into oppressive regulation and the crippling of freedom may seem rapid and permanent, we still have reason to support organizations that take the initiative to educate, serve and represent.

Creative Freedom Foundation: Home

Recently I suggested a Christian friend name their child Jesus. “What higher honor for a Christian could there be?” was my argument. Almost everyone I know has a name they got from their beloved father/brother/uncle/mother/sister/aunt/gran-whatever. If your father is God, and your beloved brother is Jesus, can’t your son be named for the one you love? Any Christians want to weigh in here?

I submit it would not go well for the new little “Jesus” in many communities in America. I guess it’s more acceptable in the Latin community, though; I met Jesus from South America a few years back. Wonder if pronunciation makes it less challenging to the devoted? Hey-soos was a fine—and funny—fellow.
And if naming the kid Jesus is challenging, wouldn’t Jessie set someone off too? Hey–let’s be on the safe side. Make a law against people with names that start with a J; No wait—that would be a bad idea.

Not that it matters—I would rather make my own name than borrow the fame of someone else. Still—I am glad I’m not Sudanese. They probably would be a lot harsher on their citizens than they are on their foreigners: U.K. & Ireland
The British teacher convicted by a Sudanese court of insulting Islam and sedition after she allowed pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad will be deported after serving a 15-day jail sentence

It may be this was a lenient, loving and compassionate response in their community.  It’s not like I have all the facts right?

I wonder if naming my teddy bear Hey-soos is covered under the first amendment? Think I’ll stick to Elvis; Everybody loves the King.

The religion we perpetuate without love and compassion is no worthwhile belief at all.


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…random acts of blindness.

Do you smile and wave the peace sign when someone honks their horn or are you the “I salute you with the universal finger” kind of person?