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labor day weekend…

20060901, 35

and i almost got roped back into doing my old job during the holiday weekend. One of the irritants following a lateral move within a group is having to cover two jobs each time the staffing of your old team blows up. Doing two jobs while managers fix their staffing shortages is a real pain in the neck. Would be no problem if either position was static, set-in-stone, predictable, well-defined–but neither is. What do I do? I am only here to serve, so I do what is needed, when it is needed, to the best of my considerable abilities–but I am grateful I did not have to work through the weekend!!

so help me hannah…

20060507, 18

the crew at shadowplay built a beautiful little piece of an introduction to a Robert Duvall movie; well worth 5 minutes of your time (and requires quick time)

We take time to celebrate the birth of “the Christ” but many, most devout, in their celebration have never come to ask how it came to be this celebration happens in December.

i am determined to give supermemo a fair shot

20051207, 49

The lead off comment in my daily memorization tool indicates that by making a daily effort 95% retention is available to me for anything I choose to study. The trick has been learning how this program is set up and using it effectively (for instance, despite my best efforts the program uses my least favorite font for all elements). The thing is that 95% promise is most alluring and if it’s accurate would make learning Japanese in ten years a viable objective.

The thing is, daily practise, which takes an hour or more, has been difficult to schedule and even more elusive to become consistent in. I ordered GTD in hopes that what I don’t know about getting things done can be learned. More on that as it unfolds.

Meanwhile, back to the races…

I spent some money at the immediate care facility closest to home this weekend, in response to four days of flu-like symptoms and feeling beaten down. The sign on the counter said “Social Security number required” and the patient information form (in caps) reiterated. Why? I refused, and they provided service anyway, but why would I give my tax identification number to my physician?

mind control

20051124, 47

Mr. Godin has a note about beanies that amused me. Hope the prior art of the guys at MIT does not preclude my successful grant application to investigate the attenuation of radio frequencies by the metal vent holes in baseball caps.

root kits and drm

20051123, 47

Would it be safe to say that I would face fines and prison for using subterfuge to inject software on your computer without your knowledge or consent that (a.) opened your computer to infection (b.) reported your activities and private information to me surreptitiously (c.) significantly damaged one or more persons’ private property (d.) used others’ time or assets without remuneration and consent?

Would it be safe to say that neither Sony BMG nor its officers and executives will face neither prison time and likely few if any nor significant financial impacts for just such behavior? So–corporations, though elevated to the privileges, rights and benefits of citizens of this great country, do not bear the same burdens of ethical, moral & law-abiding behavior?

The inequity of it is stunning. The idea that a company can so act with relative impunity  in these United States leaves an emptiness in my stomach.

three day weeks

20051123, 47

I love that Thanksgiving is here. Not because I work a three-day week (i do), but because I work a forty-hour week in three days. What sort of executive would I need to be to consistently work a forty-hour five-day week? Is it realistic to expect to be an American employee employee in America and work a “mere” 37.5 hours per week? What would my priorities look like if I value time with my wife, and multiple streams of income, as I value a paycheck from my company? Lots of questions, and few answers…I know there are ways to get the job done in the eight hour day; It is just that every second or third week turns into a 50-60 because of time- and process- management issues.

Perhaps the bonus makes it all right. Realistically, if I work 50-60 or more, it is time to be the owner, not the employee.

bloggers’ rights

20051116, 46

It is good to know your rights…and even better that we participate in the legal protection of our ability to publish.

“Follow the links below to read the guide and learn more
about ways EFF is fighting to defend bloggers’ rights:

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

EFF: Fighting for Bloggers’ Rights

Press release: “Justice for Bloggers”

There’s no going back to that other browser; The user experience is quantum leaps ahead of the one from the monopolistic market leader’s. That said, the most logical bloggable is the mods on my ‘fox, but you could start with mattcutts list.

My top three:

  1. No-Script “…whitelist based pre-emptive blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities…” and is ssssssimply perfect.
  2. PDF-Download
  3. TargetKiller “…extension removes the target attribute from links on the fly.” I’m thinking about trying this; It is a great idea.

Now my cell is dead but one can still see it here: RIP.

piping file names

20051114, 46

Do you need the names of all files in a folder/directory written to a txt file?

Try this: dir c:\ /b /a-d >c:\windows\desktop\txt.txt

It works and it saved me 30 minutes today…

a system of choice

20051111, 45

Does big business (WalMart, Home Depot, Publix, Cingular, AT&T, et cetera) define mundane, and has the consumer divested what remains of freedom of choice?

There are so many instances in daily life where I see a large store that offers the services that once were the businesses of three or four or twenty small enterprises.

  • In transportation we have “public” like MARTA in Atlanta; Why not 30 or 40 entreprenuers with 5-10 buses each?
  • In cable/”broadband”/”high-speed” we have comcast; Why not more?
  • In “grocery” stores, every other block there’s Publix, Kroger, and the like; Cookie cutter imitations of a grocery that fail the tests of innovation, uniqueness, family owners actually working at the counters and variety of products available
  • In food, the consumer ends up at a “chain” or a “franchise” often that has been around so long it no longer sells “real” food; The fresh-made beauty of Einstein’s food should be available on any street in America?

My question, increasingly, is would the elimination of corporate persons(corporations with the rights of a human being) help return the entrepreneur to her store, her restaurant, her local place of business?

What would it take to make the owner of a business, actually work in the establishment, greet the customers, supervise the delivery of goods and services, and become invested in the business and the 20 city blocks that immediately surround it?

to be continued…

red sky at night

20051109, 45

The winter sun has it’s advantages; It feels no pressure to rise high, burn hotly nor hang around. In fact, most days it gets up after me and drops away before I set out for home. The only thing more indifferent to the drama of my human existance might be the tides and the moon. Their shadow of influence, so vastly longer than my own, probably writhes through my moods, and I…oblivious am. Still, with a red sky there are surprises to be enjoyed in my gmail…new wordpress!!!

I gave up my Japanese study to hack out a post (Sorry Ayako-san). Been using WordPress since early 2004 on an intranet so am thrilled.

blue suede shoes

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I should have called it blue suede shoes…but this communications device is courtesy of


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Geek to Live has ten bookmarklets that are useful, and Edgewall has one more: the Python Sidebar.