It is a simple question, and a small number: $9,718.49! The real question is not what would “156.3 million” people do with 9.72 thousand USA dollars. The real questions are “Who got US$1.519 trillion and what did they spend it on?” However, giving money in equal parts to every person in the USA would be more equitable than what has happened with government bailouts. The question that could be asked is “Why would a free people accept the load of debt that has been thrown upon them without their consent by the rotters and the looters that have taken up control of the politicians in Washington, in the states, and in local jurisdictions?” The question that could be asked is “How would we find the 156 people in the US that could take ‘$1.519 trillion’ and using all of their considerable intellect and energy, make money–turn ‘$1.519 trillion’ into ten times that through their ingenuity and understanding of wealth and innovation?”

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According to CNN, this is the amount we all would have gotten if the bailouts went to taxpayers and not the banks. What could you have done with $9,718.49?


…where your mouth is! Support the end of the income tax in Massachusetts.

The media, the unions and the people are engaged in what could be a legendary beginning for real change, real tax cuts, and real economic stimulus.

Why End the Income Tax in Massachusetts?

Straight-forward journalistic evaluation of this subject is hard to come by. Perhaps the $5million+ the unions are spending to oppose Question 1 has had an effect on journalism?

Thankfully, we still have blogs;

Some oppose, but the people have a voice. Search for “Question 1 Massachusets” or

Forbes Endorses Question 1

9 Reasons to Vote Yes on Question 1

Campaign For Liberty

…from the people at Motley Fool: Risk, Uncertainty & Reward by Frank H. Knight, Ph. D., then Associate Professor of Economics in the state university of Iowa. Copy right 1921.

notes on the forward by the author (1921):

  • This book was initially published to compete for a Class A (entries from any American without restriction) prize in a book publisher’s essay contest (in 1917) wherein it achieved for its author the second place prize of $500. It seems uncertain whether it achieved the publisher’s stated intention and drew “the attention of American youth to the study of economic and commercial subjects.” It would seem the publisher managed a little monetization from the contest. In the prior iteration, it sufficed as a doctoral thesis at Cornell in 1916, and was written during  1914-16.
  • Chapter 7 was recommended.
  • The effort”endeavors to isolate and define the essential characteristics of free enterprise as a system or method of securing and directing coöperative effort in a social group.”
  • A premise for endeavoring any projects of “social betterment” is action “in light of a clear understanding of the nature and tendencies of the system which it is proposed to modify or displace.” Simply—never loan your motorbike to a beginner.
  • To achieve the effort under the premise, one must “radically” separate “the description and explanation of phenomena from all questions of defense or criticism of the system under examination.” First describe clearly what occurs. Then solicit defense or criticism as appropriate. This would seem to apply to existing systems one wishes to change, rather than the more significant radical change required to remedy social structures that are broken. If one does not first know the system that exists, one is not qualified to re-engineer it? Simply—intimacy should precede re-engineering.
  • An engineer with cohesive knowledge of available systems of organization will make better re-engineering decisions than the technical expert on a single system. Simply—if all ya got is a hammer, everything you see will start to look like a nail.
  • “No one mode of organization is adequate or tolerable for all purposes in all fields.” Simply—get clear about your purpose if you expect to avoid pain, and secure pleasure.

…different is response from responsibility.

Schneier on Security: The War on the Unexpected
If you ask amateurs to act as front-line security personnel, you shouldnt be surprised when you get amateur security.

Mark Moore, a business acquaintance at Home America Mortgage Intown Team, indicated the guidelines are out from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) to
“bail out” people who have ARM’s that have adjusted leaving them unable to afford what they borrowed. Home America Mortgage has been approved to handle these mortgage types and is a source immediately.

If you made bad choices, U.S. of America taxpayers are here to pay for them help you survive them!

The American consumer is getting snowed in by ongoing and largely successful efforts of old telecom to perpetuate their proprietary, antiquated and restrictive business models in new media. This issue is pivotal to the future of free thought and expression in the United States of America.

Senate Chair Takes on FTC in Net Neutrality Fight – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Mark Cooper, director of research for the Consumer Federation of America. ISPs are not talking about ensuring quicker consumer access to movies online, they’re talking about giving themselves a leg up on the competition via controlled access, Cooper said.

“The FTC and the [Department of Justice] have cheered the decision FCC to allow a cozy duopoly to come into existence, claiming that two [providers are] enough,” Cooper said. Meanwhile, the U.S. “dribbles out bandwidth at 10 to 20 times what people pay around the world” while the nation’s broadband penetration rate continues to fall behind that of other countries, he said.

“The nations that have passed us have relied on the very policy that we used 30 years ago – to provide innovation and consumer friendly services,” Cooper concluded.

What you don’t get in the news is a vision of the Internet that big corporations (telecoms) would create if they succeed in stifling net neutrality. Imagine an Internet where the available content is as limited as the evening news is limited in fully describing all that is occurring in the universe. The stifling of net neutrality is the stifling of innovation and freedom. Write your state and federal representatives; You can bet telecoms and cable are expending all means to support the stifling of “net neutrality” legislation.

Senate Chair Takes on FTC in Net Neutrality Fight – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
At issue is the topic of net neutrality, which essentially guarantees equal online access so that every Web site on the Internet, whether it is a major companys portal or a homemade storefront, has the same right to speed and access. Some major Internet service providers, however, have called for a system that would allow for tiered, rate-based access.

has little if anything to do with the party platforms, candidates and media spins, but everything to do with something summarized simply by Tony Sarrecchia; “…the Constitution guarantees ‘to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.’ The U.S. is a representative Republic. In mob rule, the majority rules. In a representative Republic, we get a group of politicians together, listen to their ideas, and select the least offensive of the pack to represent what we believe.”

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