sweeter than honey

20060622, 25

take these hands -paul johnson


Seth Godin writes "Today, all printing presses are created equal. And everyone owns one." This could be a summary of all that is important as it drives the free and open exchange of ideas.

  1. Martin Luther (Lutheran anyone?) started with a big log of key ideas posted on a church door
  2. Disciples of the Christ changed the world by sharing their experiential knowledge with their friends and neighbors
  3. Entire businesses and worlwide religions have been built on telling stories to the ones you know and love

Think of the open exchange of ideas as the cash flow statement of liberty; When the exchange is interrupted, or stopped, liberty dies with it.

firefox lets you choose which pages to open each time you open your browser!

Choose tools > options > "Home Page" "Locations" and enter 

about:blank | http://www.pandora.com/ | http://www.manythings.org/japanese/daily/ | http://www.google.com/calendar/render

a promise of magic

20060620, 25

proffered in the writing of Barbara Kingsolver surprises no one who is familiar with her work. Pigs in Heaven takes a hike through connections with tribe and connections with self returning to what seems like a fairy tale obscured by modern conflicts and modern values.

The community–that stream of life that nurtures its members in ways that individuals cannot nurture themselves–describes a place where people “keep an old fire burning.” Definitely worth your time. Keep in mind this is a sequel to The Bean Trees so you might as well read that first.

too fat…

20060613, 24

sometimes, you just gotta lose weight.

Mother Google won't synch with the bloated and apparently my Firefox profile is just too fat…

A week after I *finally* set up myFirefox to run off my USB key, the big G releases a plug-in to do the grail of using the fox on several computers; Been wanting an effective way to do that for a while. I am looking forward to more of the typically-seamless Google experience from this 'feature'[see next post]. Now if I can figure out how to hack my MonkeyGTD development dashboard (uses Monkey Pirate Tiddly Wiki) into Google Notebook my little Google lovefest will be complete (for now).

there is a new member of the family: one Larrivee Forum II, #4 of 10. Played it so long last night my fingertips are numb on the left hand.forum

Thanks to Pandora

20060601, 22

Every day I am finding new artists to enjoy the music of:
* Paul Johnson
* Chris Pureka
* Tony Trishka
* Doc Watson
* Dave Grisman
* Stephen Bennett
* Tony Furtado
* David Grier
* Bryan Sutton

After much experimentation over the last six months I have found the ultimate single-file task management system for WnDoze: MonkeyGTD.

Start by thoroughly reading and implementing Getting Things Done by David Allen, and I think you will fall in love with the MonkeyGTD approach. It just makes the whole Next Action – Project – Context – Outcome approach so easy to implement, and stores the results of your projects painlessly.