Recently I suggested a Christian friend name their child Jesus. “What higher honor for a Christian could there be?” was my argument. Almost everyone I know has a name they got from their beloved father/brother/uncle/mother/sister/aunt/gran-whatever. If your father is God, and your beloved brother is Jesus, can’t your son be named for the one you love? Any Christians want to weigh in here?

I submit it would not go well for the new little “Jesus” in many communities in America. I guess it’s more acceptable in the Latin community, though; I met Jesus from South America a few years back. Wonder if pronunciation makes it less challenging to the devoted? Hey-soos was a fine—and funny—fellow.
And if naming the kid Jesus is challenging, wouldn’t Jessie set someone off too? Hey–let’s be on the safe side. Make a law against people with names that start with a J; No wait—that would be a bad idea.

Not that it matters—I would rather make my own name than borrow the fame of someone else. Still—I am glad I’m not Sudanese. They probably would be a lot harsher on their citizens than they are on their foreigners: U.K. & Ireland
The British teacher convicted by a Sudanese court of insulting Islam and sedition after she allowed pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad will be deported after serving a 15-day jail sentence

It may be this was a lenient, loving and compassionate response in their community.  It’s not like I have all the facts right?

I wonder if naming my teddy bear Hey-soos is covered under the first amendment? Think I’ll stick to Elvis; Everybody loves the King.

The religion we perpetuate without love and compassion is no worthwhile belief at all.