…created by iTunes. First install fslint on your Ubuntu.
sudo apt-get install fslint

then you can go command line or start the gui

choose your directory

“Find” and manually delete…

Gracious thanks to:


…is available. This is really very useful as setting up an environment for evaluation of code reuse is difficult in a corporate environment sometimes. Also, the hands-on approach has ever gotten me farther in my pursuit of mastery than a thousand books (yes, I subscribe to Safari every year).

Google Code Blog: Playing around with Google’s AJAX APIs

EV SSL Certificate

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SSL certificates…EFF uses their services.

EV SSL Certificate

ubuntu 7.10…

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there are tons of reasons to install Ubuntu on the fastest, newest, available computer…especially if it has 2GB of memory and a vmware server!  That’s getting two machines for the price of one. Although engadget is right about old equipment being useful again with Ubuntu, Ubuntu really roars when given the same quality equipment one would give Windows Vista

With VMWare Convertor, and a couple hours work, I have all the benefits of of Gutsy Gibbon, while keeping my regular computer (Windows XP) running in a virtual machine. B-E-A-U-Tee-Full!

You might want a .gho of your hard disk as a restore point too.

It seems that HD real-time editing in my living room is finally affordable (<US$10G)  and only from CalDigit [HDPro] and [S2VR] .

CalDigit [HDPro] and [S2VR] The First Affordable True High-Definition RAID Solution – Home
Each switch can connect upto 7x HDPros, one host and one switch. Using hierarchical CalDigit PCI Express switch, you can have in theory unlimited storage pool across disk available to your media and database.


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Interestingly enough, I am working with the devil.

Dev2Dev Online: WebLogic Server 9.0: Diablo